The Villeroy & Boch tiles shown are licence products from V&B Fliesen GmbH

Tiles inspirations

Tips and ideas for your interior design with tiles

Most people think a tile is nothing more than a tile. A completely standard covering. However, we believe that a tile is far more than this.

As a creative stylistic device, it can create a vast number of different effects. As a tiny detail, it can add specific highlights or set the scene in a grandiose way. It can change perspectives or turn traditional ways of seeing things upside down.

In a nutshell: Our tiles have more to offer than mere practicality. They create scope for development and transform rooms.

Trend Küchen

Offen, elegant und puristisch-natürlich – Die moderne Wohnküche als Herzstück von Haus oder Wohnung

Ein Raum, ein Fliesenkonzept

Zwei ganz unterschiedliche Stilrichtungen – Verwandlungskünstler mit Wow-Effekt

One room, one tile concept

Two completely different styles – Stunning looks come in many guises

Wood look

Tiles from Villeroy & Boch with authentic wood look