French Garden

Experience the joy of a summer garden

French Garden: natural, fresh and colourful – classic Country style for every day use. Transform your dinner table into a magnificent orchard. The summer fruit motifs lend a timeless beauty to this high-quality premium porcelain tableware.

Inspired by nature

The French Garden pattern is decorated with a diverse ensemble of various fruits, delicate flowers and a band of fine leaves. You can effortlessly combine and rearrange the individually-painted pieces of this decor. In terms of colour, the design is prevailed by shades of warm yellow and soft green. The lovingly-detailed arrangement of the design elements create loosely-sprinkled accents across the pieces. This decor will exude a pure summer feeling.

Natural harmony

The smooth lines of the porcelain, which accentuate the carefree and playful motifs, are reminiscent of a blossom’s gentle curves. The individual combination possibilities create a fascinating interplay between form and colour. Enjoy the refreshing country atmosphere of French Garden.

French Garden Fleurence coffee pot

French Garden Fleurence coffee cup and saucer 2 pieces

French Garden Accessoires footed bowl 4-piece set

French Garden Fleurence sauce boat 2 pieces

French Garden round baking dish 28 cm

French Garden Menton breakfast plate

French Garden Fleurence sculpted bowl

French Garden Beaulieu dinner plate

French Garden Fleurence square bowl

French Garden Fleurence tureen

French Garden Fleurence soup plate