Stories of rural life

Audun is an homage to our roots: In 1748, in the village of Audun-le-Tiche, François Boch set up a small potter's workshop – and in doing so laid the foundations for an international company. Inspired by copper-engraved designs, the anthracite-coloured décor recounts rural life and contrasts the depictions of bygone times with a vibrant yellow. Fine premium porcelain, calming and remarkably versatile.

Nostalgia on a simple (porcelain) backdrop

The Villeroy & Boch collection Althea Nova features enchanting rural scenes of historic Audun on porcelain. The copper-engraving-inspired decor features large, detailed rural scenes with a fresh yellow accent – and thanks to its uncomplicated stylistic elements is as equally at home on modern table linen as on an oiled oak table.

Anthracite copper-engravings meet yellow freshness

Audun is the relaunch of the original design of the same name dating back to 1830, when copper engraving opened up a whole new range of possibilities in porcelain design. Today, anthracite-coloured, copper-engraving-inspired scenes with fresh yellow accents convey not only exquisite, timeless taste but also the high quality of lithography: timeless, beautiful rural scenes recall bygone times.

Audun Promenade Mug

Audun Ferme Saucer breakfast cup

Audun Promenade Salad plate

Audun Ferme Breakfast cup

Audun Ferme Espresso cup

Audun Ferme Saucer espresso cup

Audun Ferme Salad plate

Audun Promenade dinner plate