Floral romance in expressive colours

A decor that puts you in a good mood right away: Anmut Flowers has colourful floral motifs creating a truly unique, youthful, dynamic freshness. The new decor line of fine Premium Bone Porcelain adds to our successful multifaceted Anmut series for individual, unique table settings. Both lovers of traditional tableware and fans of designer pieces will be convinced.

Like a bouquet of fresh flowers

Creative impressions worth remembering: A design that exudes artistic lightness and pleasant warmth. Water colour flowers in colours of varying intensity with a hand-painted appearance spread over the plate surfaces transform each piece of the service into a true eye catcher. Anmut Flowers can be arranged with Anmut My Colour to add floral accents.

Beautiful dynamism of form

Clear flowing lines that leave room for creative design. Combining minimal, harmonically proportional forms and floral decor creates powerful contrasts. The classic Anmut form was designed in the 1950s and has not lost any of its elegance since. The breezy floral splendour of Anmut Flowers gives the design a fresh, modern interpretation.

Anmut Flowers Flat plate

Anmut Flowers Espresso cup

Anmut Flowers Bread & butter plate

Anmut Flowers Oval platter 34cm

Anmut Flowers Breakfast cup

Anmut Flowers Saucer breakfast cup

Anmut Flowers Coffee cup

Anmut Flowers Coffee-/Teapot