Wintertime and Christmas drinks

The perfect cups for tea, coffee and more.


It's bone-chilling cold outside while you enjoy a delicious hot drink in your cosy, warm home. We have the perfect cups and mugs as well as suitable accessories for popular winter classics such as tea, mulled wine or hot chocolate – stylish and functional. Enjoy the festive season to the full.

Tea, punch or mulled wine

Snow is glistening outside the window. There is nothing better than getting really cosy inside with a hot drink. Why not enjoy a winter pomegranate tea, served from our Artesano Hot Beverages teapot. The beautiful heater will keep your tea warm for as long as you like.

Hot chocolate

It feels bitterly cold outside and winter has transformed the world into a snowy winter wonderland. This is a good time to make yourself really cosy inside, such as with a deliciously sweet hot chocolate – served in practical double-walled cups or mugs made from heat-resistant glass from the exclusive Artesano Hot Beverages collection.