The Villeroy & Boch blankets shown are licenced products from Hermann Biederlack GmbH & Co.KG, Greven, Germany

Home textiles by Villeroy&Boch

Blankets and plaids to make you feel comfortable

It's time to get cosy!

Settling in at home, putting your feet up and stretching out on the sofa - a cosy blanket from Villeroy & Boch makes relaxing even more special. The new blankets and plaids are available in popular solid colours and various patterns inspired by our beloved tableware designs.

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Jubilee Collection

Vieux Luxembourg - Brindille

In 1770, the original "Old Luxembourg" décor was applied to stoneware for the very first time. At that time, no one would have imagined that the dainty little blue flowering branch would eventually become one of Villeroy & Boch's most successful décors. Reinterpreted on this cosy blanket, it adds a unique and special sense of character to any modern home.



The trending retro look as a modern design highlight. Adorned with the bestselling Paradiso decor, our cosy blankets turn into modern it-pieces for our anniversary year. Winding tendrils and expressive blossoms are imaginatively arranged around exotic-looking birds and gracefully drawn leaves and fruits. The Paradiso décor has its origins in the classic blue copperplate engraving and was specially adapted for this blanket to mark our 275th anniversary. For a more muted look, the blanket is also available in subtle shades of beige.




Elegant and effortless, the soft Narama fringed plaid is made of natural cotton and easy-care polyacrylic in equal parts. It is colour-coordinated with the woven blankets and complements them perfectly. The fine and very subtly patterned plaid is wonderfully lightweight and also makes an ideal throw for the sofa. Light fringes and the understated two-tone colouring are an expression of modern elegance.

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It's my match

The Socculent, Blossom and Leaf décors originate from our "It's my match" tableware trend collection, which offers a clever selection of products for every occasion. Fresh colours and relief structures inspired by nature bring a fresh atmosphere into your home - in the form of porcelain tableware or accessories as well as cosy blankets in the colours Powder, Sage Green and French Linen.

For individual mix & match, solid-coloured blankets in Powder, Sage Green and Sand are also available.

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The Malindi tableware collection's décor is a delicate impression of the artfully woven patterns of traditional African wickerwork - just like the matching blankets, which combine natural elegance with a hint of the exotic in Graphite and French Linen.

To pair with Malindi or as understated stand-alone pieces, there are also solid-coloured blankets in Graphite and Sand available.

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Traditional design reinterpreted in a contemporary way: Inspired by the famous "Mettlacher Platten", Carré picks up on an element of Villeroy & Boch's brand DNA. The high-quality blanket is wonderfully warm and blends perfectly into any design-oriented home thanks to its minimalist décor.

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