New? No, just well maintained.

General care information

Stepping into a shiny new kitchen is a real pleasure. To keep it all looking like new for as long as possible, just a little effort is required. Villeroy&Boch kitchen collections are designed to make life easier in this respect. They have been developed with an emphasis on easy care, carried out almost in passing

In many cases, simple household remedies are all you need – good news for the environment and for you too. Leaving you free to enjoy more pleasant activities, such as a relaxing bath.

This page provides lots of information to help you keep your kitchen looking like new for as long as possible. As well as a few tips from our employees' extensive practical experience and our latest research findings.

Everyday care

Villeroy & Boch kitchen ceramics have a smooth, dense and virtually scratch-proof surface that is resistant to all common household acids and alkalis. Clean water and a damp cloth are often all you need for everyday care. Water marks, residual grease or soap can be removed easily using a bathroom cleaner or vinegar-based cleaning product. If you would like to avoid "chemicals" entirely, you can use household vinegar or diluted vinegar essence to quickly remove limescale marks.

For more stubborn stains, soak some kitchen towel in vinegar and place it over the stain to work overnight. You can also find mild limescale removers or vinegar-based cleaners in specialist retailers which can be used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Particular caution is required with substances containing high amounts of fluorine, for example, rust removers or toothpastes. If they are not removed, they can lead to the formation of stains. Make sure you wipe them off immediately! For heavier contamination, we recommend a non-abrasive liquid or cream cleaner..

For even more effective results, apply the product using a soft, non-scratch sponge.

This video contains tips and tricks on the care of ceramics. It also shows you how to gently remove metal residue.

Ceramic care tips / How to remove metal residues | Villeroy & Boch

Important information

Please read the manufacturer's recommendations for use carefully. If in doubt, test the cleaning or care product on a concealed area first.

Do not use very aggressive cleaning products that scratch ceramic surfaces as these will impair or even, with repeated use, destroy the outstanding properties of CeramicPlus. For example:

  • scouring creams or powders
  • concentrated drain cleaners
  • tap cleaners and steel cleaners
  • powder WC cleaners

We recommend that you do not use these products at all or, in the case of drain cleaners, tap cleaners or steel cleaners, avoid direct contact with ceramic surfaces.

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