Hot tubs – a source of vitality and health

A relaxing soak in a bubbling hot tub is good for your soul: the warm water gently envelops you, allowing you to completely let go and take time out from everyday life.

Pleasant and healing

A hot tub does more than simply relax the mind. Spas, clinics, health resorts and rehabilitation centres are well aware of the healing effect of water massage and have been using this in the form of hydrotherapy for many years, and with successful results. The combination of water, heat and a pleasant hydromassage offered by a hot tub has a demonstrable positive effect on your health and physical well-being. The gentle buoyancy of the water noticeably relieves joints, spine and ligaments. The pressure of the water and the selective massage effect improve blood flow in the muscles. This relieves hardening, painful tension and even rheumatic complaints. The massage effect also stimulates the metabolism, helping to maintain the elasticity of connective tissues and skin.

Optimal regeneration of body and mind

Regular use of your hot tub can help you stay healthy and contribute to lasting revitalisation and improvement in your quality of life. In a Villeroy & Boch hot tub, individually adjustable JetPaks with focused jets provide precisely the right intensity to suit your needs: from gentle bubbles for a pure well-being experience to a powerful water massage to stimulate and invigorate.
In general, soaking in a hot tub has a relaxing effect, which is also beneficial to your health: enjoy the buoyancy and resulting feeling of weightlessness. Leave behind the stresses and strains of the day and any stress-related headaches and then slip easily into a deep, healthy sleep, vitally important for optimal regeneration of body and mind. To start the next day feeling fit and full of zest for life.

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