Fitness Edition from Villeroy & Boch

Fit through exercise & individual massages


Exercise is healthy

Anyone who regularly works out is not only doing something positive for their physical fitness and appearance, but is also strengthening their immune system, heart and circulation. 

Improving physical fitness and performance depends not only on systematic training but also on the appropriate regeneration between training units.

Post-exercise relaxation

Special needs

The Fitness Edition has been specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to enjoy sports and wellness activities. Selected JetPaks massage each body region and relax deep muscle tension while running at maximum pump capacity.

Choose your favourite seat to suit your height and simply click the desired JetPaks into place. You can choose from 18 different JetPaks at any time and allocate to any seat or recliner.

Your wellness moments



The regeneration phase after exercise or sports is just as important as warming up beforehand. Nothing is better than soaking in a hot tub to help you relax after working out.

After exercise, water helps to:

• Prevent aching muscles,

• Relax tendons and ligaments,

• Massage and strengthen your body,

• Stimulate blood circulation,

• Relax and ease tension in joints and muscles.

More about health

Specifically designed for sports enthusiasts

The Fitness Edition has been specifically designed for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Discover the special sports-specific massages provided by the different JetPaks.

Different seat depths

After a workout, the different seat depths in the hot tub along with JetPaks with various massages that can be quickly and simply clicked into place provide the best relaxation at your preferred seat – regardless of whether sitting or reclining.

Very powerful pump capacity

You can enjoy maximum power at every seat thanks to the very powerful pump capacity of the Fitness Edition.

The jets for the sports massage in particular require an intensive water flow in order to achieve the desired massage effect. For this reason, the Fitness Edition hot tubs have been fitted with the maximum pump capacity possible, which isn’t necessary for all massage types. Therefore, the A6L has one massage pump more than the standard version and the models A7L and A8D have more powerful pumps. This allows for an intensive, high-performance sports massage at every seat.

Wellness and relaxing massages

Wellness and relaxing massages are also possible with the Fitness Line. You can choose from 18 different JetPaks by simply upgrading your hot tub.

Which JetPak suits me best?

All JetPaks in the Fitness Edition provide sports-specific massages

Fitness Edition model overview

Fitness Edition A8D

Fitness Edition A6L

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Fitness Edition A7L

Fitness Edition A7L

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Fitness Edition A8D

Fitness Edition A8D

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Fitness Edition A9L

Fitness Edition A9L

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