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Subway – Universal diversity for individual requirements
With numerous forms and sizes available, Subway off ers the perfect solution for every room and every  requirement at outstanding value for money. Diverse, flexible, versatile. A large range of shower trays, as well as bath screens and shower enclosures, complete the Subway range.
All variants off er optimum reclining comfort, the characteristically wide rim serves as comfortable  armrest and can also be used for installing tap fittings. The asymmetric variants sport a practical shower zone.
The understated purism enables unlimited combination possibilities with various design and  furnishing styles.
Eine große Auswahl an Duschwannen sowie Badewannen- und Duschabtrennungen macht die Subway Familie komplett.


FormLenghtWidthBath DepthDim. of BaseHeightContents
Rectangular Duo1600 mm700 mm420 mm1200 x 440 mm525 mm125 L
1700 mm750 mm450 mm1210 x 470 mm555 mm160 L
1800 mm800 mm480 mm1250 x 490 mm585 mm180 L
1900 mm900 mm500 mm1250 x 530 mm605 mm230 L
Oval1800 mm800 mm 500 mm1240 x 490 mm605 mm180 L
Hexagonal1900 mm900 mm500 mm 1267 x 522 mm605 mm190 L
Rectangular Duo1900 mm800 mm450 mm1160 x 400 mm555 mm 145 L
Offset rechts/links1700 mm800 mm450 mm1200 x 521 mm555 mm 130 L
Special Form1400 mm1400 mm480 mm1150 x 471 mm585 mm 150 L
Asymmetric right/left1700 mm750/900 mm450 mm1200 x 450 mm555 mm215 L
Corner1300 mm1300 mm420 mm1050 x 460 mm525 mm150 L
1400 mm1400 mm480 mm1150 x 420 mm585 mm150 L
1500 mm1500 mm500 mm1170 x 476 mm605 mm180 L


  • Asymmetric incl. integrated shower zone
  • Corner
  • Hexagonal
  • Offset
  • Rectangular
  • Acrylic
  • Subway
  • 420 mm
  • 450 mm
  • 480 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 1300 mm
  • 1600 mm
  • 1700 mm
  • 1800 mm
  • 1900 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 900 mm
  • 1300 mm
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