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Squaro Edge 12 – Perfect aesthetics
Discover a new dimension to Squaro: The distinguishing features of the unique Squaro Edge 12 are its  clear lines and stylish design. The slender 12 millimetre rim is a special highlight. Special bathing  comfort and premium requirements come together to create pure aesthetics. The United bath panelling is available for this model.
The baths are extremely comfortable, whether sitting or reclining, the fl ush-mounted overflow fittings in chrome or white with optional, integrated water inlet are supplied with the bath.
The particularly narrow rim gives the bath an incomparable sense of lightness. The material Quaryl® permits unusual bath designs.
Colours evoke emotions, create atmosphere and give a bathroom character. Available in a unique variety of colours, the Squaro Edge 12 bath is sure to become the highlight of your bathroom. More than 200 harmonious panel shades open up new design horizons and allow you to personalise your bath giving it a very individual and elegant look.


FormLenghtWidthBath DepthDim. of BaseHeightContents
Rectangular Duo1650 mm750 mm450 mm1150 x 460 mm595 mm160 L
1700 mm750 mm450 mm 1200 x 460 mm595 mm165 L
1800 mm800 mm450 mm1200 x 480 mm595 mm180 L
1900 mm900 mm450 mm1250 x 580 mm595 mm240 L
Oval Duo1800 mm800 mm450 mm1200 x 480 mm595 mm180 L
Free-standing Duo1800 mm800 mm450 mm1200 x 480 mm595 mm180 L


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