Glasses and goblets

from Villeroy & Boch – Elegance knows no bounds


Beautiful glasses from Villeroy & Boch are the finishing touch to any table and impress with quality that results from fine craftsmanship and premium materials. Be it wine glasses, bar glasses or tumblers, Villeroy & Boch produces the ideal range of glasses for every occasion and shows what is possible thanks to years of experience in the art of glass-making.


A refreshing juice drink in summer or an aromatic red wine in the evening are best enjoyed from the right glass from Villeroy & Boch. Versatility is a big priority for this traditional company, which offers the perfect glasses for every situation. Our bestsellers impress with modern shapes and a design that is suitable for everyday use, as well as by being always on trend. The glasses in the Entrée collection are charmingly minimalist; the Colour Concept glasses bring fresh colour to the table; and the Boston series will be popular with fans of classic designs.


A beautiful glass is not only the result of aesthetic shapes and design – it also depends on high-quality materials. That is why Villeroy & Boch exclusively uses quartz sand, soda, lime and oxides of the highest quality. The production process results in a product made from glass or crystal glass, whose sound, clarity and hardness are impressive both in everyday use and on special occasions.


The clearer and more colourless the material, the more transparent the glass. This transparency is a guarantee of the quality of the glasses and is highly prized at Villeroy & Boch. Thanks to their high level of hardness, the glasses can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Villeroy & Boch uses the beauty of crystal-clear glass and produces numerous glass collections that enchant with their unique sound and unadulterated purity. The brilliance of the glasses comes from the composition of the material. Unlike classic glass, crystal glasses have a higher potash content, causing greater refraction.


If the style of the new glasses is to match that of the tableware, the focus needs to be on the décor, the material and the overall look. Villeroy & Boch has a wide repertoire of versatile collections that cover the entire spectrum of possible styles. From modern shapes to classic glass variations and ruestic country style, everyone is sure to find that special something for their home, be it a simple tumbler or a whisky glass.


260 years of tradition do not stop Villeroy & Boch keeping up with the times. The modern design of many of the glass series is demonstrated in the purist shapes and simple minimalism of glass concepts like Ovid and Purismo. The result is a powerful radiance that fuses effortlessly with modern tableware series.


When luxurious-looking glasses shape the entire look of the table and emit stylish elegance, the host has chosen a timelessly classic style. Clear shapes from series like Entrée and Charleston have an archaic design and reflect a hint of the ancient.


Rustic-looking country tableware is a perfect match for coloured glass like that of the Boston Coloured series. From the white wine glass to the Champagne flute to the classic bowl, the entire collection is characterised by a rustic flair that is shown off to its best with charming decoration in the form of a checked tablecloth and fruit from the garden.


Glass products are all around us in our everyday lives. In the form of vases and bowls, they are found on many sideboards and cabinets. Mostly, however, they are used to hold liquids. Be it juice, water, wine or beer, any drink tastes better when served in the right glass. That is why Villeroy & Boch has developed the perfect glass for every occasion.


Be it virgin or with alcohol, the excitingly fruity drink only becomes a real treat when served in the right glass. That is why Villeroy & Boch has a range of glass options for every cocktail party – from tumblers to Cognac glasses. A good host offers his guests a classic Cuba Libre with real Cuban rum in a long drink glass, but the sweet and tart Cosmopolitan in a conical Martini glass. Those who like matching colours should choose the long drink glasses in the Colour Concept series, which reflect the wide variety of colours in the cocktails they hold.

Wine (Purismo)

Not all wines are the same. A Cabernet Sauvignon can only develop its fine blackcurrant aromas and a Riesling its fruity sweetness in the right glass. Villeroy & Boch values wine culture highly, and has developed an intelligent glass concept to bring new simplicity to the world of wines. With its Purismo glass series, Villeroy & Boch has created a system that offers four glass types for four different wines, which a sommelier would bring together under masculine and feminine red and white wines. With these charming wine glasses and decanters from the traditional company, nothing stands in the way of simple wine indulgence.

Glasses for every occasion (e.g. as smoothie glass)

Freshly-squeezed orange juice in the morning, a glass of cold milk or a healthy smoothie as a snack: Villeroy & Boch has numerous glass collections for every occasion and standard. Be it minimalist shapes, fine décors or unusual designs, the glass series – consisting of glasses, carafes and decanters – fit perfectly with the look of the table both every day and on special occasions, especially when harmonised with beautiful tableware in the same style. As well as tumblers, the basic sets also include wine, beer and Champagne glasses coordinated with many tableware pieces. The number of people in the household ultimately determines how many glasses of which type are needed.

Hot drinks (Artesano Hot Beverages)

On cold and rainy days, a relaxing hot drink is just the thing to keep your spirits up. Your break from everyday life is effortless when you enjoy an aromatic herbal tea or energy-boosting Arabica. When it is served in the right glass from Villeroy & Boch, you will experience your favourite drink in a whole new way. The double-walled glasses in the Artesano Hot Beverages collections impress with their simple, beautifully-formed design. Made from borosilicate glass with its heat and cold-resistant properties, they offer outstanding heat insulation, so you can enjoy your drink for as long as possible. The glasses in this series can easily be teamed with the Artesano ceramics collection to create a harmonious look for your coffee table.