3 Portions

• 2¼ lb quinces
• 2 dessert apples
• 3 cups sugar
• A dash of lemon juice
• 1 cinnamon stick
• A dash of white wine

Ingredients to make 3 medium-sized blocks



1. Cut the quinces and apples into pieces and marinade them in a pot overnight with the sugar and lemon juice.

2. The following morning, add the cinnamon stick and cook it all together. When the mixture starts to boil, cool it down with the white wine and let everything simmer at a low temperature while stirring. Once the fruits are soft, the paste takes on an orange color.

3. It's now time to remove the cinnamon stick and puree with a blender. After pureeing, let the paste simmer again for a while.

4. Once your wooden spoon can stand in it, your quince paste is ready and can be transferred to small containers.

5. For best results, let the membrillo cool thoroughly until it is firm enough to cut into pieces.