More cleanliness – More time for quality of life.

For over ten years, CeramicPlus - a dirt-repellent ceramic finish - has been taking the strain out of bathroom cleaning for millions of customers. This innovative process causes water to immediately form droplets on contact, which then merge into beads and simply drain away. Carrying with them dirt and limescale particles. CeramicPlus: the purest pleasure.

Excellent products need an excellent finish: CeramicPlus

Conventional ceramic

CeramicPlus veredelt

Highest quality with easy care

  • Scratch-resistant and durable surfaces
  • Hygienic and clean
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Insensitive to acids and alkalis
  • High material quality standards

Ceramic with an added benefit for you

Your new ceramic looks sensational – and it is equally easy to care for. As well as choosing outstanding design and premium quality, you have also purchased a very low maintenance product:

CeramicPlus is an innovative development from the Villeroy & Boch research laboratory, inspired by the latest findings from physical material science research. Villeroy & Boch has managed to improve the properties of ceramic using a special process to give CeramicPlus surfaces a special durable finish. Water forms droplets on contact with CeramicPlus, and then beads which simply roll down the drain: carrying with them particles of limescale and dirt. If anything is left behind: CeramicPlus is very easy to clean, allowing you to remove even dried limescale marks in no time at all. And without harming the environment or resorting to aggressive detergents.

The innovative production process gives your ceramic very easy-care properties:
• Durability
• Scratch resistance
• Hygiene
• Insensitivity to acids/alkalis

From washbasins to WCs or bidets, Villeroy & Boch's exclusive and easy-care products are designed to bring you lasting pleasure.

Easy-care CeramicPlus

For everyday care, we recommend a soft, non-scratch sponge or cloth. If you wish to use a cleaning product, choose a standard all-purpose cleaner. Do not use aggressive, abrasive or environmentally harmful products.

Benefit: CeramicPlus' easy-care properties help you to ensure optimal hygiene and fresh, clean surfaces without resorting to aggressive detergents. For heavier soiling, we recommend a mild bathroom cleaner or mild all-purpose cleaner.

To treat more stubborn contamination, simply leave the bathroom cleaner or limescale remover to work overnight. Gel or foam cleaners are ideal, as they adhere even to sloping surfaces. Or: simply soak a cloth with cleaning product and place it over the stain.

CeramicPlus is resistant to all sertraline for sale common household acids and alkalis (including cosmetic products and medicines containing solvents, alcohol or acetone). Like all ceramic surfaces, CeramicPlus will be damaged by repeated use of the following products: scouring creams or powders, concentrated drain cleaners, tap and steel cleaners or bleaches containing chlorine.