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Shower toilet seat Oval


ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
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ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets
ViClean Shower toilets

Shower toilet seat Oval

ViClean - U+

392 x 134 x 547 mm Oval V01EU8

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin



  • A premium package complete with convenient bidet features: ViClean-U+
  • Innovative shower-toilets from Villeroy & Boch: for perfect well-being
  • Full range of shower functions for the perfect cleansing experience
  • Including a wide range of convenient bidet features for all-round hygiene and comfort
  • Maximum hygiene for your bathroom, thanks to innovative and modern technologies
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Product description


ViClean-U+ - Enhanced features

Villeroy & Boch's ViClean-U+ is a premium shower-toilet that meets the highest demands when it comes to ease of use, quality and efficiency. The fully equipped toilet includes a comprehensive set of bidet functions. From an automatic opening/closing mechanism for the seat and lid to a subtle nightlight and individual user profiles on the remote control - ViClean-U+ meets your every wish. The air shower jet, which provides gentle cleansing with a very soft water jet, is the highlight of this shower-toilet.

  • A full range of features for the highest standards of comfort and hygiene in the bathroom
  • Wide range of functions and settings for personalised comfort
  • Innovative technologies designed to save water and provide perfect cleansing
  • Hot air dryer for fast and pleasant drying
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llustration: ViClean I

Product type

Shower-toilets: Experience the comfort of pure cleanliness

Nothing symbolises hygiene and freshness quite like clear water. Whether cleaning your teeth, enjoying a bubble bath or shaving: we use water every day for cleansing and relaxation. The shower-toilets in Villeroy & Boch's ViClean series are designed to extend that sensation of perfect cleanliness to the bathroom toilet. Rimless designs integrating a bidet function ensure gentle and thorough intimate cleansing.

  • Gentle cleansing with water instead of dry toilet paper
  • Perfect hygiene for intimate areas
  • Clean water with no added extras is an ideal cleansing solution for people with allergies in particular
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llustration: ViClean U+

Product feature

Pampering shower functions

Villeroy & Boch's ViClean-U+ shower-toilet incorporates a full range of bidet functions in one complete system. The rimless shower-toilet with a concealed water supply ensures perfect well-being in the bathroom. You can adjust the position of the shower arm, as well as the temperature and strength of the water flow to suit your preferences, for perfect personal hygiene at all times.

  • Modern air technology in the bidet nozzle for maximum comfort
  • The pulsating water jet provides thorough cleansing and a massage effect
  • Choice of five settings controlling water temperature, jet strength and nozzle position
llustration: ViClean U+

Product feature

Ultimate comfort

Toilet lid can open and close automatically or be operated using a remote control. Individual user profiles controlling the water flow for the Rear wash and Lady wash options can be saved and called up at the touch of a button. The shower-toilet also features a heated seat with various temperature settings, automatic odour extraction and a warm air dryer. A rimless design makes the shower-toilet easy to clean.

  • Supplied with a remote control for user-friendly operation
  • Including a heated toilet seat: five temperature settings
  • With nightlight function, automatic odour extraction and self-opening/closing lid and seat
  • Two individually adjustable user profiles
llustration: ViClean U+

Product feature

Ultimate hygiene

Individual settings for water temperature, jet strength and nozzle position turn the ViClean-U+ shower-toilet into a convenient bidet for intimate areas.

  • The bidet nozzle is cleaned automatically with fresh water before and after each use
  • Rimless design for optimum hygiene and very easy cleaning of the toilet
  • Patented, dirt-resistant material technology

Technical information

Collection ViClean
Model V01EU8
Width 392 mm
Depth 547 mm
Weight 6 kg
Product designation Shower toilet seat

ViClean-U+. only for Subway 2.0 washdown WC DirectFlush 5614 R4 R1. incl. remote control, incl. water connection hose for corner valve 1/2“ x 3/8", fastening set included. EN 997. concealed supply connections, 392 x 547 x 134 mm, 220-240 V AC/50Hz. 2700 K (warm white) to 6500 K (daylight white)

Form Oval