My shower. My look.

Create your very own personal highlight in the bathroom. Ranging from modern twists on classics to natural imagery and tile patterns through to graphic structures – ViPrint provides stylish decors for Subway Infinity shower trays, creating a whole new range of options to express your personal style. Discover designs that were previously the exclusive preserve of tiled showers – with the added advantage of an easy-to-clean shower tray. Transform your shower into something very special and give your bathroom a distinctive look.

ViPrint – Inspired by Nature, Villeroy & Boch

Inspired by Nature

Nordic Creek
ViPrint – Nordic Creek
Blue Lagoon
ViPrint – Blue Lagoon
Highland Stone
ViPrint – Highland Stone

Invite nature into your bathroom. Distinctive wood structures, realistic stone textures and iridescent water colours create a sense of real natural materials. The fascinating authentic look of these décors transforms your bathroom into a refreshing source of relaxation. The authentic touch for both modern and classic bathrooms.

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ViPrint – Inspired by Heritage, Villeroy & Boch

Inspired by Heritage

ViPrint – Townhouse
Abbey Blue
ViPrint – Abbey Blue
Abbey Grey
ViPrint – Abbey Grey

True beauty never goes out of style: these modern interpretations of classic patterns, including the famous Mettlach tiles, pay tribute to Villeroy & Boch's centuries of ceramic expertise. They will give your shower the impression of a precious antique, a stylish attraction in any bathroom.

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ViPrint – Inspired by Geometry, Villeroy & Boch

Inspired by Geometry

Sinus Black
ViPrint – Sinus Black
Sinus White
ViPrint – Sinus White
ViPrint – Starflower

Fascinating linear effects that magically attract the eye: with their geometric patterns and graphic structures, these decors create an almost spatial depth on the floor. Creating continuously changing perspectives in which to lose yourself every time you shower. Whether modern or classic, these timelessly elegant patterns will blend harmoniously with any bathroom style.

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Discover the advantages of ViPrint shower trays

ViPrint – Design Awards, Villeroy & Boch

  • A whole new range of options for designing your bathroom floor

  • 20 stylish decors for a distinctive look

  • 19 standard sizes and individual customised sizes

  • Flexible installation, flush-fitting, installation on tiles, installation on a base

  • Flush-fitting installation and precise edges create a smooth, practically seamless transition to the tiles

  • Lasting colour stability and durability as the decors are integrated in the glaze

  • Very easy to clean thanks to the glazed, seamless surface

  • Anti-slip class A (PN12) for stability

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