Flush plates from Villeroy & Boch

A clever connection

Not even the most beautiful toilet is of any use without a flush plate as you have to flush. Villeroy & Boch makes flush plates under the name ViConnect with various designs and materials. In turn, you will find the flush plate that best complements your toilet or urinal and matches the entire bathroom setting. The times are long gone when functionality played the leading role in the bathroom. Design and individual styles are increasingly taking over – and you can get that even with small things such as flush plates at Villeroy & Boch. There are hardly any toilets with a surface-mounted or wall-mounted cistern. Cisterns integrated into the wall are becoming the first choice in bathroom design. The unsightly flushing attachments disappear elegantly behind the wall or an installed projection. The bathroom looks larger as the conspicuous cistern is concealed. But you do still have to flush after using the toilet, of course. Flush plates are incorporated into the wall in front of the concealed cistern and then connected to it. They can either be installed at the front on the wall, i.e. hung, or on their side, in as far as there is an indentation above the concealed cistern. You then push the buttons from above to operate them.

Design in every detail

It would be a shame if you gave your bathroom a stylish makeover but the flush plate stood out as a visual disruptive element. For this reason, Villeroy & Boch has made it their business to design flush plates that look great with all toilet ceramics. Available in several different colours and materials, you will be able to find the best flush plate to match your bathroom style. Stylishly designed in every detail – a beautiful bathroom to start the day. Villeroy & Boch ensures that it is not only a functional room, but perfection all round.

Function buttons for water-saving consumption

Our models are available with one or two buttons. Flush plates with just one button have an integrated flush-stop feature. Dual-button flush plates allow for flushing with two different volumes, for which the litre consumption has been pre-set. Normally, when you push the smaller flush button, three litres runs through, and six litres when you push the larger button. However, this can be pre-set individually to some extent when being installed. The dual button function helps to reduce water consumption and flush more environmentally friendly. The flushing function can be released either manually or pneumatically, depending on the model, i.e. a gentle push of the button is enough to operate the flushing.

Flush plates from Villeroy & Boch – subtle eye-catchers

Subtle, yet featuring a high-quality, timeless design, the flush plates from Villeroy & Boch are perfect for any bathroom, stylishly enhancing the overall setting. You can choose flush plates made from plastic or glass – both versions are obviously made from high-quality materials – to suit your taste and bathroom style. Flush plates are often placed on the wall so that a small indentation can be seen and felt. However, elements from the M300 and E300 range can be installed flush so that they virtually merge into the wall. But even a flush plate placed onto the wall will blend seamlessly into the bathing experience.

plastic flush plates – for any bathroom

Flush plates made from plastic are all-rounders and blend in with any bathroom style, matching all Villeroy & Boch bathroom ranges. They come in a choice of several colours – black, different shades of grey, white and different metallic looks. You can also choose between square plates with round flush buttons, such as the ViConnect 921944 for urinals and 922485 for toilets, and longish, square flush plates with rectangular flush buttons, which are embedded flush in the plate or stand out as slim buttons with a metallic look. All plastic flush plates, except for the urinal flush plate, have a dual button feature. The edges of the flush plates are rounded, which gives them a delicate look.

Stylish flush plates made from glass

A glass flush plate is an exclusive and attractive highlight in your bathroom. The glass is made from high-quality security glass, making it break-proof and durable. These models also come with different colour options – in classic black or white as well as grey and metallic shades. The ViConnect 922160 model can be installed flush in the wall. A visual centrepiece as these flush plates blend into the wall without any indentations. ViConnect 921843 is only available in black, but it still features something special that makes this flush plate a real feast for the eyes – integrated LEDs embedded in the back of the plate literally make this flush plate stand out when it is dark. The soft light creates a nice and warm atmosphere, yet these plates also act as a night light – so you do not necessarily have to switch on the bright bathroom light when you have to go in the middle of the night. This version is also very practical in hotels, where new guests have to find their way to the bathroom in the dark on a nightly basis. The glass flush plates from Villeroy & Boch are pursued by modern design ideas with clear

Delivery contents

Depending on the model, the flush plates come with a mounting frame as well as mounting bolts, a plate frame and the water-saving dual-volume flush function. Flush plate models with LED lighting also have a flush-mounting box, a flush-mounting transformer for 230 V and a connection cable for the lighting. All elements are carefully packed in individual boxes to ensure safe and secure transport. Villeroy & Boch’s extensive product range has the best flush plate models for dry-wall and brick-wall installations. They always include installation instructions and should you have any questions, you can find the answers in a practical installation video on the company’s own YouTube channel.

Small but full of innovative technology

The flush plates along with the ViConnect installation technology from Villeroy & Boch feature a quiet water flow. So you won’t disturb anyone during the night with a loud flushing sound. As is standard for Villeroy & Boch, the flush plates are put through their paces so that you can enjoy premium quality with an excellent design in your bathroom. Should you nevertheless have cause for complaint, you have a 25-year availability guarantee on all replacement parts for your ViConnect product. Once you have chosen a flush plate, you can go ahead with the easy installation. Thanks to innovative cable technology, you can connect and install everything very quickly. Paving the way for a perfect flushing experience. Villeroy & Boch flush plates stand for unparalleled durable quality.

Flush plates
Flush plates