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ViConnect Flush Plate L200 Glass, Glossy Back LED
ViConnect Flush Plate, Glass Glossy White

Hygienic and sustainable: the ProActive+ sensor-controlled flush plate

You can now activate the toilet flush without touching it, and therefore hygienically, with ProActive+. Moreover, an automatically activated pre-flush can prevent dirt build-up and ease cleaning with a film of water. The ProActive+ also saves water by automatically recognising whether a large or small flush volume is needed. The functional package is rounded off by a maintenance-friendly app control that lets you customise many settings, without any other tools. The ProActive+ is available as the 200G ProActive+ with a fine white glass design and as the 200M ProActive+ with elegant brushed stainless steel – both versions with adjustable lighting.

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L200 – A real highlight in your bathroom

Introducing a novel new addition to the Villeroy & Boch range of WC flush plates, the ViConnect L200 in stylish Glass Glossy Black. This mechanically operated WC flush plate is completely surrounded by an illuminated border that will create an attractive feature in any bathroom design. As well as adding aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, this LED light also provides useful guidance in the dark, an essential new feature. See for yourself.

ViConnect L200

ViConnect L200, Glass LED Glossy Black


The M300 flush plate boasts a purist design, with elegant glass surfaces adding an exclusive touch to any bathroom. The M300 model is available in Glass Glossy Black, Glass Glossy Grey and Glass Glossy White.


The E300 comes in 7 different colour combinations, providing the right design for various preferences and requirements.

ViConnect E300

ViConnect E200


ViConnect M200


E200 & M200 – Coordinated complements for ceramics & furniture

Villeroy & Boch's ViConnect opens up bright new horizons for personalised bathroom design: the new range of WC flush plates impresses with an exclusive design that can be ideally combined with any ceramic component and all furniture finishes.  Simply choose your model: the timelessly modern E200 WC flush plate is available in high-quality ABS with a chrome, brushed chrome or white finish. 

Or opt for a statement glass look, with the M200 flush panel in Glass Glossy Black, Glass Glossy White or Glass Glossy Grey.

Suitable for all types of bathrooms

Villeroy & Boch's ViConnect range offers the perfect solution for any size of bathroom design project – from a generous space to a galley bathroom or small guest bathroom. Choose from different heights, widths and depths to find the perfect assembly component for your needs from Villeroy & Boch. Here are a tips to help you plan your space.

Perfect solutions for your bathroom space

Bathroom solutions ViConnect

A clever connection behind the wall

Each attractive ViConnect WC flush panel operates in combination with a Villeroy & Boch WC front panel element behind the wall. The range consists of  reliable WC front panel elements offering a water-saving dual flush function, with easily adjustable flush quantity and quiet water flow. Front panel elements for dry-wall construction and  elements for brick-wall construction encompass the full spectrum of needs for all wall-mounted and floor-standing WCs - including accessories such as matching frames for Vita models.

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