Octagon & Squaro Crystals Editions

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Octagon & Squaro Crystals Editions
Octagon & Squaro Crystals Editions

The mysterious shimmer of countless tiny lights fills the bathroom, inviting you to pause for a moment and take inspiration from the sight. With the Crystals Editions, designer Steve Leung has created a luxurious special edition of simply breathtaking elegance. Embedded in exquisite leather, the finest Swarovski crystals adorn the surfaces of the Villeroy & Boch Octagan pedestal washbasin and the Squaro Prestige bath.

Perfect crystal art meets award-winning design in real masterpieces of exclusive craftsmanship. Each of the over 6,000 crystals is cut precisely to size and applied by hand according to Steve Leung's designs.

Experience this unique and glamorous combination and let your bathroom radiate with sensual light.

Octagon, Crystals Editions
Octagon, Crystals Editions

Octagon Crystals Edition – a masterpiece of precision

Majestically regal and radiating stately elegance, the Octagon Crystals Edition exclusive premium washbasin presides over its surroundings. Hand-finished with over 1,000 Swarovski Xirius Rose crystals, its freestanding pedestal creates a stylish stage for the delicate TitanCeram washbasin.

The octagonal shape of the precisely faceted basin harmonises perfectly with the crystals' clear-cut lines. All coming together to create a striking work of art with its own distinctive character.

Squaro Crystals Edition – unique. Classy. Elegant.

Bathe in a sea of almost 5,000 fine Swarovski Xirius Rose crystals, that's the Squaro Crystals Edition - an elegant combination of award-winning bath designs and premium materials. Each crystal is applied individually by hand to the leather surface of the freestanding Squaro Prestige Quaryl® bath. The result is an exclusive and luxuriously elegant and unique masterpiece that unveils its full sensual effect in the bathroom.

Squaro, Crystals Editions

Steve Leung's Art – poetic design inspired by Shan Shui style

Poetic design inspired by Shan Shui style

Shan Shui, literally translated as "mountain water", describes a traditional form of Chinese landscape painting featuring mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Designer Steve Leung drew inspiration from this special style for the Octagon & Squaro Crystals Editions. His calming and contemporary interpretation depicts the typical elements using a sophisticated arrangement of 5, 10 and 15 mm crystals.

Steve Leung is a leading international and multiple award-winning architect, interior and product designer based in Hong Kong. His designs are characterised by a contemporary and exacting minimalism including references from Asian art and culture.

Steve Leung, designer

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